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Family Reunion Planning

Reunion Planning

The chairperson & Subcommittee Chairs

Just as with planning a wedding, planning a family reunion can be challenging. The best way to manage everything from travel to food to activities is by assembling a reunion planning committee headed by a chairperson.


You will need someone who can stay super organized and who has enough time, energy & eagerness to do it. This person will be responsible for breaking down tasks & responsibilities into specific subcommittees and organizing other family members to be in charge of those subcommittees.

Family Reunion Committee

Family Reunion Planning Survey

Getting A Jump On Planning - Things To Consider Well Ahead of Time!

( 1+ years)

A reunion planning survey asking family members for their input regarding location, dates, volunteering, activities, etc. can be a huge help in making very important initial decision. 


Click here for a sampling of questions you can use to make up your own planning survey.

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Family Reuion Florida Keys

 Key Colony Beach Florida   |   Marathon Florida

Questions To Ask:


Think about a destination that will provide a range of activities that will be enjoyable & appropriate for family members of all ages, both where you are staying and in the surrounding areas. provides many on-site activities like swimming pools, billiard tables, toys & games for kids, even boat rental. The Florida Keys has an abundance of activities like shopping, spas, all mode of watersport, fishing, nature trails, state parks, museums, aquariums, great dining, and so much more.


There's a lot to think about when picking a time of year to have your reunion. 

School breaks are probably the biggest thing to consider when trying to accommodate times of year for family members with children. Deciding on dates as early as possible will ensure that you can get your desired lodging for the number of people required in your desired destination.  

Reserving accommodations early enough will help everyone to plan for school vacations, time off from work, expenses and making travel plans accordingly.  Your chosen dates may not work for everyone; this is just an unfortunate reality. However, it is important to settle on dates that work for most everyone and keep to them.



Accommodations that provide for a large number of people to stay on a single property will work best for family reunions. Homes with ample gathering spaces, both indoor and out, lend themselves beautifully to the feeling of "togetherness". offers properties of 4,000 sq. ft. and up to comfortably accommodate 14+ guests with tons of space and amenities. And remember to BOOK EARLY!



Although it is not essential to have a general theme for your family reunion, but it can really help guide family members to spend more time involved in activities as a whole rather than smaller groups of family members going off doing their own activities.

If you choose to not have a general theme, consider having one or two events over the course of your reunion where the whole family is participating. You can set up a "field trip" type of event, like a fishing charter trip or an outing to a beach or state park. Any event centered around food is always popular.

In the Florida Keys, it’s great to take advantage of the huge availability of delicious seafood. You can have something like a "seafood night" where everyone contributes in making special dishes.


“Family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”
- Unknown

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