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Family Reunion Themes

Family Reunions Florida Keys



Family Reunion Themes. Will the reunion have a theme? It’s not necessary but could bring members of all ages together.  A theme could be just for one day or carried out the entire event.  Before, during and after meals are ideal times for themed activities. See that all necessary materials and equipment is provided to make the event spectacular. Some ideas for a themed activity:

  1. Mexican Fiesta

  2. Oldies dance party

  3. Barbecue with a Texas rodeo theme

  4. Hawaiian Luau

  5. Beach party

  • Make sure the food committee is aware of what is planned, and the information is relayed to family members to let them know what special food, clothing, or other items to bring.

  • Schedule time for activities some members may have reserved ahead of time. Some offer horseback riding, fishing, boating or other pursuits.

  • Have a backup plan in case of weather or missing components. Dominoes, cards, board games and bingo are easy to bring along.  Families can bring their own favorite games from home and share.

  • A place set aside with puzzles, crayons and paper, books, and games can alleviate some of the stress on parents trying to keep their little ones busy.

  • Have some activities that family members can do on their own time.

  • A badminton game or croquet can get members of different ages involved. Just conversing with each other is a favorite activity.  Family photos can be shared and enjoyed.

  • A talent show can entertain everyone, without judgment.

  • An afternoon of outdoor games if weather permits can get all ages together. Egg and spoon race, tug-o-war, wheelbarrow race, hula hoop contest, the bean bag cornhole game can get most everyone involved and active.

  • Hand out plenty of awards: oldest, farthest traveled, largest family, best costume, favorite food etc.

  • Be the liaison between guests and staff at the site.

  • Encourage everyone to take lots of pictures with their phones and share with the History Committee.

  • Be flexible, not everyone will want to participate in everything.

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