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Family Reunion Activities

Family Vacations Florida Keys


Having a combination of both planned & non-planned activities will contribute to all family members having a great time as well as prevent any boredom that might set in, especially with younger family members. A printed agenda of scheduled activities & free-time activities should be made available to all guests.


Planning a family reunion? Check out this list of fun family reunion activities for all ages, as well as recommendations on what to look for in booking location for your next Family Reunion. 

When choosing accommodations for the reunion, check what amenities the site offers for non-scheduled activities for families or individuals to do on their own time, between scheduled meals and activities. 

Book accommodations that offer activities like these for family members of all ages, both for times of good and not-so-good weather:



The game explained as simply as possible Ultimate is played between two teams of seven players on a large rectangular pitch. A line drawn across the pitch at either end creates two “endzones” (like in American Football). These are the goal-scoring areas. A goal is scored when a team completes a pass to a player standing (or more likely running) in the endzone they are attacking. A alltime favorite family reunion activity.




Choose remote family reunion sites, these locations will get you deep into nature. Choose a middle-of-nowhere ranch, with no other homes in sight. The kids love exploring the local area. Look for a Family Reunion site with a lake and canoes and kayaks.



Family reunions are wonderful opportunities to share stories from growing up, as well as to catch up on what everyone has been up to since the last reunions. Tell stories about extended family and ancestors, too. Family stories provide a sense of identity through time and help children understand who they are in the world.




No one wants to cook and wash dishes for 43 people at our family reunions. BUT

  1. If you are in charge of one meal (with people helping), and that really is not that big of a deal.

  2. Cooking together is great together time. Set up a schedule of meals that need to be prepared during the week. People sign up to be in charge of meals, and also to help with prep, serving, and clean-up on days when they are not in charge.

Food activities:

Food brings people together .... this has been true since the dawn of humanity. Sharing favorite recipes, memories of special holiday or heritage meals and sharing the huge workload of organizing/preparing multiple meals for a large group of people can be great time spent reconnecting & bonding.

Consider working up a schedule of meals, Volunteers sign up to oversee meals as well as to help with prep, serving and clean-up on days when they are not in charge. 

On most days breakfast & dinner will be planned, while lunches will usually be left up to family members to decide for themselves. You can also plan special meal events:

  • Barbecue

  • Seafood/fish fry night

  • Family recipe cook-off/bake-off

  • Meals that coordinate with any theme that has been chosen for the reunion



Do something silly the whole family can do and laugh at like attempting to rap Dr. Seuss books.




This is super simple: printer paper, markers, scissors, and tape. The grandkids will have a wonderful time making maps of the place you are staying, as well as drawing dinosaurs and dragons together. The art table creates a great gathering place for people looking for a quieter activity.



Bring a karaoke machine to the reunion, kids of all ages will LOVED it.


When choosing accommodations for a family reunion, check what amenities the vacation rental offers for non-scheduled activities for families or individuals to do on their own time, between scheduled meals and activities. Book Vacation Homes with accommodations that offer activities like these for family members of all ages, both for times of good and not-so-good weather:

Here are a few activities you will love having at reunions at our vacation rentals that may be worth looking for if you are booking a family reunion site:

•    A swimming pool. Consider coordinating a “lifeguard” schedule if you’ll be having lots of youngsters swimming at

     one time.

  • A pool, for grandkids to run off energy. We recommend setting up an adult lifeguarding schedule if you pick a place with a pool.

  • A Billiard table– for inclement weather.

  • A foosball table– for the same reason.

  • Tennis table(or bring along a table top tennis set)

  • Chess, Apples to Apples, and other board games your family enjoys.

  • Dock for fishing - Waterfront vacation homes with private boat docks. 

  • Volleyball Court

  • Corn-hole Game

  • Bicycles

  • Hot Tub/Spa

  • Poker Table for adults late night fun

  • Board games that will accommodate play for both adults and Children.

  • Jogging on Sombrero Beach

  • Sidewalks for walking exercise and dog walks  

Marathon Community Center

Families can still enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports at our community center too.

  • A basketball court

  • Skateboard park

  • Basketball court

  • Tennis court

  • Bocce ball court

  • Kayaks on the beach

  • Beachfront home




  • A well-stocked kitchen (typically commercial kitchen, for large groups).

  • Several Kitchens for multi family cooking areas

  • Multiple dining tables with plenty of extra dining chairs

  • High-chairs and booster seats

  • Outdoor picnic table and chairs

  • An accessible laundry room.

  • A large space where everyone can spend time together informally.

  • Enough space for adults or kids to spend time away from each other.

  • High Speed Internet access so that people who can’t leave work entirely can check in, and sometimes work remotely.


Off-Site "Field Trip" / Activities:

When choosing a destination for your reunion, find one which can provide for off-site activities, such as field trips to museums, state parks or beaches, historical sites, hiking or Watersport ventures. Many locations have companies that can arrange private outings for large groups. If your family's more adventurous (or independent), maps can be printed self-guided tours. Keep in mind some activities may require additional costs and reservations well in advance.

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