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Family Reunion Food Committee

Food Committee

One of the most important and time-consuming committees will be the Food Committee. The menu should be finalized at least three months in advance and assignments handed out. This is especially true of a large group lasting more than one day.

Group meals are a favorite memory of family reunions.  Make them unforgettable with careful planning.

  • Selecting a menu that relates to the theme of the reunion or to family heritage can make the project less complicated.

  • For the meals with no specific theme, there are several alternatives. Potluck is easy, if it’s organized. Too many salads or desserts might leave a few people hungry.  Hiring a caterer or going to a restaurant for a meal or two would lessen work, but could be expensive for a large group.

  • Let families know what food/menu items they are responsible for bringing. Be sure to let them know how many people they’ll need to serve.

  • Breakfast and dinner are generally communal meals, with individuals responsible for their own lunches. Sandwich makings or other easy to put together food items could be served at lunch time if the Food Committee decides it would work.

  • The Food Committee should also keep in mind that snacks and drinks should be available for between meals and who is responsible for bringing them. Plenty of ice should also be available.

  • Preparing the meals at the site can involve as many people as necessary. It’s a good time to mix up the families and have the younger ones and older ones working and talking. Maybe even make preparing the meal a competition and have the families judge.

  • Setting up separate tables for the main course, desserts and drinks will keep the line moving and easier to manage. Putting napkins and utensils at the end of the line will ensure diners are only dealing with their food plates through the buffet line.

  • Have the family responsible for each meal bring a copy of the recipe.

If there are people interested, orders for a cookbook of reunion recipes could be taken.  A Family Reunion cookbook would be a fond reminder.

Big Family and Friends Celebration at Home, Diverse Group of People Gathered at the Table.
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